Saturday, July 20, 2013

Only God can make an egg

Dr Abe V Rotor
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Analogously, according to Joyce Kilmer, “Only God can make a tree.”

Once there was a scientist in the likes of Frankenstein, the doctor who created a monster in Mary Shelly’s novel in the late 18th century. This scientist wanted to make an artificial egg - one that has all the qualities of a natural egg. With his intensive knowledge in chemistry and biology and engineering he succeeded at last in making an egg that is complete with albumin (white), yolk (yellow center), and of course a perfect shell.

Confident as he was, after testing his masterpiece in the laboratory, he then proceeded in having it incubated, placing it in the center of a dozen natural eggs and had a mother hen sit on them. Days passed by and finally sweet sounds came from under the brooding hen.

There were twelve beautiful, little chicks. All the eggs hatched except one, the thirteenth – his artificial egg.~

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