Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Lighter Side of Life

The Lighter Side of LifeDr Abe V Rotor
Along Regalado Ave, Fairview QC

I imagine the lucky child whose day
     the baloons make him reach the sky
with singular joy a lifetime it shall stay;
     I share the moment following the trail,
remembering my own many years ago.

Senior citizens workshop, Lagro QC

Back to school in golden age is bliss
      for all the lessons of yesteryears;
to keep abreast with change and past
     and be young again in mind and heart.

Marlo and Laurence. Loreland, Antipolo, Rizal

Fear conquered early with love and care 
     builds courage to be tough;
who sets on the way to lasting peace
     though land and sea be rough.

Six-kilos squid caught in Camarines Sur, Ricky and Leo Carlo at home, QC

Jules Verne is right, in the deep monsters lurk;
they live in caves far from light and sight, 
in a kingdom beyond man's reach and claim, 
yet end up to his gustatory delight.

Mackie and Lolo. Loreland, Antipolo

Three manequins in the garden at night
     by a fountain and fiddling of cricket;
what a make-believe Hula life it makes
     of a dreamland so beautiful but brief. 

Bonsai show, Pasig MM

Travel to the world of Gulliver,
     where once he was a pygmy,
now a giant among the dwarves,
     to know the meaning of life. 

 Authors and publishers anticipate publicaion of a new book,
Philippine Literature Today, C & E Publishing, QC

Men and women of letters - they are writers,
editors, publishers - in silent revolution
in some corner where change begins slow,
page by page, guiding the earth's rotation
where the sun sets and rises at any time
and place, and dawn a renewed devotion. 

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Lita Nobleza said...

You've got a cute apo na pala! First apo? I have 6 already - 4 girls and 2 boys. My eldest is currently pursuing her second course (law) while the second one will soon be a father. Look how time past, imagine I'll be a Lola's lola na...