Friday, March 1, 2013

Animals light up our world

Dr Abe V Rotor
Where skill above risk builds confidence,
     takes the two to places they go;
What kinship master and pet do make, 
     heads turning to admire and to awe. 
Strolling by the pond she's greeted  
     with quaint sound and stare;
a member she soon felt in return 
     to some crumbs to share. 
Can fish sing lullaby, too?
     Oh, how I wish they do, 
and be babysitters too,
    for baby and fish in duo.  
This faithful errant though over eager,
      his job done just too well;
to earn admiration from his master
     to say, all's well at the end. 
Hug a bunny when the sky's gray,
     or at the end of a hard day;
Talk to her, she can understand
     more than those in a band. 
Greeting a boar in its pen,
     a wall away to the open:
freedom and duty,
     fate and destiny.  
A wild pigeon submits to friendship
     but briefly in a cage;
freedom she seeks by an ancient gene
     that will never age.   
An errand walks by a carabao herd
      on lazy stream and hour;
a bread she carries for her grandmother;
      fairy tale is true after all. 
Animae, triumph of art and technology,
     birth of many a queer specie(s);
biodiversity of imagination and fantasy,
    enigma of truth and reality.
King Kong, false image of the kind, 
     shy and the sublime animal,
misunderstood by evolution 
     for not being rational. 
A sled on to the moon,
     airplane and ship aboard;
a travelogue for kids
     to conquer the world.
Resurrection from Armageddon
     from poison and waste it hid,
this ba-ug frog a prodigal son 
     of man's folly and greed.
A new world bigger than their shell they greet,
     yet shrink and hide in it,
not when alone and happy, or abandoned
     but when failed to compete.  

A living factory works under our feet,
     its product glistens in the rising sun:
detritus for the garden and farm.
     Who really has the Green Thumb?

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