Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Frieze

Detail of Greco-Roman frieze, European Renaissance art
San Vicente, Ilocos Sur, Church

I am humbled by my origin, the disparity of temple and hut,
the finest limestone-marble and rough fired-clay.
of my forebears: one from across the seas, the other in the field,
the color of my skin, and the language of my heart;

How the two converged in my birthplace, oh! what a wonder;
designed by periodicity, sanctioned by providence;
built by labor of obedience to God and the colonial masters,
muted by faith and fear, and behold! a masterpiece.

I saw the Ziggurats, the Pyramids, and the Great Wall.
and asked how deep is my loyalty and devotion;
if not implanted in the genes - why the Stonehenge -
was it not a part of the order of creation?

The frieze, crowning glory of history, of war and peace,
of triumph and conquest, imprimatur of power,
tapestry of humanity woven by will, faith and destiny;
and I, I am but a thread, of li’l color and strength. ~

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