Sunday, April 29, 2012

Enigma of the Aminal World

Dr. Abe V Rotor
Lecture on Zoology

 Orangutan (right)

Who came first, with mind closed and eyes blind,
We know who emerged at the dawn
of knowledge and consciousness, leaving behind
an ancestor long humans disown. 

Tukak Ba-ug (puffer frog)

Bellied frog, all but air resounding,
booming, and croaking;
Threatened, it lodges between rocks,
or floats dead feigning.   

Mouse deer

With the likes of the man from Transylvania transformed,
This creature maligned, two kinds combined and deformed.  

Barn Owl

This owl is dead, it's just a specimen,
 so with the wisdom in it and in men. 

Fruit bat

It's a fruit bat clumsy with its load, 
that drops on a roof at night,
scaring children in their bed believing
in a vampire with utmost fright

Sea urchin, spines hang for wind chime

Do you also play the tune in the deep
to wake the mermaids in their sleep? 

 Arupama, biggest freshwater fish

 A giant you are in the Amazon River
Famed of beauty more than terror;
If I were to believe in your being gentle
where have been your friends before?  

 Water iguana

Harmless though frightening you are,  
from the wild now behind bar;
Ugly and ancient people see you  
in their mind millions of years ago. 

Starting termite mound, architecture of a house sparrow bird
 Aestivating toad; snap turtle hatchlings

 A pair of yellow moth.

 Black dots on their wings like eyes,
would-be predators are surprised.

  Red heart pigeons; red parrots

Your heart is bleeding I can see it through,
Need not tell you your love is true;
 but unreciprocated, you are in sorrow,
until you met your kind - a happy duo   
 Kapis shell from which a province is named - Capiz.

 Lanky tree frog (atop a shower head)

 White heron are migratory, arriving in time of rice planting

 Janitor fish comb the pond's bottom for algae and detritus

Queen termite, with king (top) and members of the colony - 
soldiers (big head) and workers. Berkshire breed of pig
Giant blue starfish
Spiny puffer fish; 
black birds (martines) nesting on tree fern atop an acacia 

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