Thursday, September 29, 2011

Environment: Live naturally. Too much Hygiene does more harm than good.

                                                                    Children of Nature, photo by AVR

Dr Abe V Rotor

The Hygiene Hypothesis endorses cleanliness and sanitation as a way to healthy living. The prescription of some doctors includes avoidance of certain food and environmental allergens.

Recent studies question the validity of Hygiene Hypothesis. By cleaning our children constantly, discouraging them from getting dirty, pumping them full of antibiotics every time they get sick, using anti-bacterial soaps, and the like - we are not encouraging their immune systems to develop fully. The Westernized lifestyle makes them more susceptible to allergic conditions.

Children raised on farms around animals have lower levels of allergy and asthma than their urban counterparts - those unexposed to pets, confined in day care centers, and spotless homes.

To what extent does nature provide immunity? Fortunately as children grow to maturity, particularly so under natural environment, they acquire the defense the body systems need against a host of health problems from allergy to physiologic and pathological diseases, albeit adaptation to emotional and psychological stress.
• Ever wonder what it means to enjoy childhood outside of the confines of air conditioned room?
• Many children look forward to the first rain in May.
• Boy scouts and girl scouts look forward to the next jamboree.
• Athletes participate - and are not merely spectators - in field games.
• Develop those muscles while you are young.
• Grow tall naturally, not by taking growth hormones.
• Shake off those lazy bones. Keep your blood pressure and pulse rate normal and steady the natural way.
• Walk. Run. Meet sunrise. Stay and watch the sun set. Be active physically. Have outdoor hobbies.
• Go and live with Nature. She is the best doctor, teacher and friend.~

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Celine said...

Sir,this blog made me miss my childhood days wherein i go outside to play! sadly,i don't think children today does that anymore cause they all just want to play with their computer.

Frances Yvette Abing said...

I agree with this article. We must live with nature so that we can inhale good oxygen from it like trees, grasses, etc. that can strengthen our body. Also, being involved with nature makes a person more stress-free.

Fatima Punsalan said...

This blog is significant to those people who are very stressed with their day to day activities. Some people tend to get busy with their business that they forget how to live their lives in a proper way. We should remember to live our life in a healthy way like going outside and exercise or eat foods that are healthy and to enjoy our life.

-Fatima Punsalan 3CA3

Cay Cabotage said...

HAYAAN MONG MADAPA SA SARILI NIYANG PAA - I remember old folks from my family advising this to my mom whenever i do something wrong. There is more to this statement than the scientific facts in this entry. More on the emotional issue. Relationship wise, this is, for me, what the parents of these generation should apply to their children. Experience, along with nature, is the best teacher, is truly the best teacher in this world.

Francesca Concepcion said...

This entry is definitely true! Even at a young age, I often say to my older half-sister that too much hygiene does more harm than good. But she never listens, so I think I'll be linking this blog entry to her so she can read it and I'll advice her to read more of your articles too.

I hope she would now believe in me so my niece won't grow sickly as what she is now.