Sunday, September 25, 2011

Museum: Nymphaea and Casuarina Mural

Hanging wall mural, St Paul University QC, AVR 2001

Agoho tree (Casuarina equisitifolia) and Waterliy (Nymphaea nouchali).

Trees and lilies, how lovely they stand and by name,
Majestic, rising to the sky, kissed by the cloud,
From the deep at the break of dawn to meet the sun,
Unfolds life's drama from the ephemeral shroud.

And I, what beauty makes my presence and time,
On the fast lane, when views are but passing blur,
When morning is late and the clouds just pass by,
Missing God's muses in their finest hour?

Seasons come and go with the lilies and the trees,
Blind I've been searching a niche from my lair,
Behind curtains, under neon lights, on high rise,
And wishing I were among the creatures fair. ~

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