Sunday, September 25, 2011

St. Paul: Goodbye, St. Paul Museum after 15 years, Goodbye

Dr Abe V Rotor

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Lesson: Yes, you can build a museum - in your home, in your community. You must have the dedication and heart, without condition with posterity.

On the road to Damascus, mural (8 ft by 8 ft) 1995, one of the 12 murals painted by AVRotor. Saul, then a Roman general falls from his horse and hears a voice, "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?" This is the turning point of Saul's life to become St Paul, the Apostle, patron saint of the school and the Museum.

Reminiscence is perhaps the sweetest and most precious of all the gifts one receives in the golden years of his life.

I remember the Story of St. Paul, in murals, the chapters of his life; I hope they are still there;

The story of St.Paul of Chartres Congregation, from its early beginning; I hope a chronicler hasn't forgotten;

Then St.Paul College, made garrison by the Japanese and liberated by the Allied forces, remembered in photos and relics of war;

Photo essays and verses about the Paulinian community by witnesses of history, and by new blood of my children's generation;

Paintings, drawings, expressions through arts in various mediums, original and inspired, gracing celebrations in school;

Religious collections, among them, a dozen Mother and Child versions, Michaelangelo's, Da Vinci's - and our own;

Artifacts, ethnic in origin
graciously given by benefactors, or accidentally found in some forgotten corner;

Mini-dioramas of ecosystems made by students - tropical rainforest, desert, coral reefs, grasslands, the ocean, lakes and waterfalls;

Reproductions of famous works, from Amorsolo to Goya, though second generation, are rare to find, or their values undermined;

Documents of institutional linkages with Canada, Japan, the consortia, the marginal communities, among others -

Remembered in their glorious past, walled by change and new programs; they are now part of the archives;

Oh, SPUQC Museum, museum of the students, of amateurs, a place for workshops, and hands-ons, stage, laboratory, classroom;

Refuge for displaced classes while new buildings rose, renovation never ending, in the promise of the new and the modern;

Goodbye, museum, link of a lost garden - EcoSanctuary - now ensconsed with high edifices and pavements; the smell of grass is no more;

Goodbye, sweet museum, revered spot of pilgrims, hundreds, nay. thousands for fifteen years, whose many wishes were granted;

If I was all alone, I found three sisters of old in divine company, scholar, artist, and teacher in highest esteem;

They would come when everyone has left, or mingle in company, watching, inspiring like guardian angels;

I took care of you, as I did to my son, Paolo* fifteen year ago. Goodbye Museum, goodbye. ~

To my late son, I thank you.
Dr AV Rotor, Museum Curator

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