Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Light from the Forest - Antithesis of Plato's Allegory

Dr Abe V Rotor

Light from the Forest, acrylic (49"x30") AVR 2011

I was lost for the second time; first, out of Eden,
And I wandered far and wide, looking for a friend;
Many I found, but none I had long sought for,
And I returned home to my Creator.

I asked my Creator mercy, He bestowed me
Divine grace and the promise of eternity.
I was once more in a cradle, innocent like a child,
Where faith rules sans reason, that shaped me mild.

I was loyal, I was true, as I was told to do,
For eons, generations, I let the world go.
I learned philosophy, things both old and new,
Science and art of living, more than I should know.

I lived in war and in peace, built towers and cities,
Harnessed the sun and the atom, hailed discoveries.
I survived my inventions, my frivolous living,
Revenge of an angry earth on the Human Being.

I’m lost again, driven to Earth’s fateful end,
And I wander far and wide, but can’t find a friend.
I return to my ancestors’ home in the forest,
After the Armageddon, where I shall find rest. ~

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