Saturday, February 26, 2011

Humanities: Nature in Murals by AVR (Part 3)

Convergence of Nature Canvas Mural (9ftx10ft), 2010

Intertidal Zone Wall Mural (5ft x 6ft)

Mossy Forest Wall Mural (8ft x 10ft)

Tropical Rainforest Wall Mural (8ft x 12ft)

Valley of Life Wall Mural (8ft x 1oft)

Nesting Fish, wall mural in acrylic, author's
San Vicente, Ilocos Sur (6ft x 8ft)

Composite Landscape Mural (6ft x 12ft)

Haystacks, detail of mural (4ft x 8ft)

Siargao Falls, Surigao (double wall mural, 10ft x 20ft)

Nymphaea Lilies and Agoho Trees, detail
of wall-ceiling mural (5ft x 15ft) 2001

Ruins of Colonialism, acrylic on wood (8ft x 8ft)

Children at Harvest Time, detail of mural (5ft x 10ft)
acrylic on canvas 2006

Banca Ride, detail of mural, acrylic (5ft x 10ft) 2007

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Ariel Sotelo Tabag said...

nagpipintas dagitoy obrayo, manong. nalaingkayo a talaga.