Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rare Fruits

Abe V Rotor

Macopa (Eugenia jambalana) picked and directly eaten
when it reaches fullest size, dark red and shiny.

Tiesa (Lucoma nervosa) is directly eaten when fully ripe.
It makes excellent ice cream or ice drop. Try tiesa cake, too.

Fruit of mabolo (Diospyrus). Kamagong, claimed the
hardest wood in the world comes from this tree.

Karamay is eaten fresh or pickled. It comes from
a small tree that grows in the Ilocos region.

Marang has the taste of nangka and durian combined.
All three belong to Family Moraceae

Zapote has a rich taste but seldom liked. It is among the
endangered native fruits of the Philippines.

Rare are fruits that fail the palate,
To be in the market or on the plate,
Away from man their seeds are sown
To grow unsung and unknown

Living with Nature
3, AVR;
Thanks to JFiLAC

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jfilac said...

Sir, how about the canistel (chesa) are they belong to rare specie?