Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First of a Series: What is that ?

Abe V Rotor

This question confronts us very often at any time of our waking hours, emanating from our observations, and from those of others . And wherever we are and whatever we may be doing; when our senses - specially that of vision - are stimulated to confront the unfamiliar thing or event.

Facing the unknown, nature has provided every living organism this tool of survival - response. Scientists like Darwin and Wallace associated this biological phenomenon to evolution.

To humans however, this response it is not just biological; it rises to the level of rationality. It rises above curiosity and takes him to what we call inquiry through science and philosophy. It is through inquiry that leads man to fathom the mystery of his environment, and in fact, his very being - a faculty only Homo sapiens is endowed.

Homo sapiens? What is that?

1. It's sticky, then dries up like paper case.

2. Microscopic, living in colony.

3. Tent makers, causes shot holes on leaves.

4. Perfect camouflage and mimicry - color and structure.

5. Strange mimicry - who gets the benefit?

1. Egg case of preying mantis (Mantis religiosa)
2. Ipil-ipil plant lice (Psylla sp)
3. Pagoda bagworm (Cryptothelea heckmeyeri)
4. Walking stick, a relative of the grasshopper, now classified under a separate Order
5. Butterfly plant - both symbionts are protected from their enemies.

Living with Nature 3, AVR

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