Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Old Church of San Vicente, Ilocos Sur

Abe V Rotor
Aerial View, circa 1976

Old photo, circa 1956

Detail of Greco-Roman frieze, typical
of European Renaissance art in the
15th century.

Ramparts of a fort.

Recent photo, detail of facade.

View of the grotto from the western tower.

Stained glass of St Vincent Ferrer

Detail of facade, eastern view.

Two statues at the front of church,
Virgin Mary and Sacred Heat.

San Vicente
(My Hometown)

In my childhood I saw detours of footprints
dividing the East and the West, two warring niches
where the zone of peace was the holy ground,
and beyond was wilderness - and the unknown,
beyond the confines of Subec and the Cordillera,
the memory of Diego Silang, and the Basi Revolt
on old meandering Bantaoay River.

In my youth I saw the sun sitting
on acacia stumps and on the tired landscape,
but rising in dreams and visions on the horizon,
and in the wisdom of my forebears,
the old guards of your fort.

Time has stood still since then.

I come to pay homage in your temple,
and into the arms of my people, my roots;
I see the footpath of yesteryears,
now grown and multiplied, and always fresh,
leading from the East and West,
and the many corners of the earth
converging at your portals in pilgrimage. ~

Light from the Old Arch 2, AVR

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Cor Invictus said...

I am happy to see this post. However, I was told that our Old Church needs a major face lift. As to when it's done, nowhere in sight they say but let us hope that it will be done before it deteriorates beyond control.