Sunday, March 1, 2009


Iguana resembles color of rock and pond weeds. Avilon Zoo, Rizal

Jaguar fits perfectly with design of scanty vegetation in the Savannah, Avilon Zoo

Barn Owl stalks in the dark with only its keen eyes visible. Its eyes can mesmerize its prey. St Paul University QC Museum

Starfish mimics coral reef and sea grass, its body design resembles stones and shells.

The ant lion makes a hole in the sand where it spends its larval stage feeding on ants and other small insects that fall into the pit. CELL, Silang Cavite

Tukak ba-og inflates when in danger and resembles the rock where it wedges itself. Tagaytay City.

Nymphalid caterpillars resemble stems and leaves of their host plant. Lagro QC

Green Tree Frog assumes dual coloration to fit land and water habitats. UPLB Laguna

Giant African Snail can just simply appear as stone. Gourmet Farm, Silang Cavite

Leaf insect is dried leaf in all respects.

Green Tree Ant builds inconspicuous nest that does not dry up in the tree. Lagro QC

Photos by Dr AV Rotor


renalie anne said...

are those starfish real?

when we went to buguey few yaers back for summer,, we saw starfishes but we never dared to touch them for all we know,they might do something that would harm us.. or would they? hehehe

ren aniago, UST 4CA2

alilea said...

These animals are so cool! Too bad a lot of them are not well taken care of. But they are indeed beautiful.

Alilea Ramirez, 4CA2

paula said...

there is this island in puerto princessa palawan called "starfish island" because there are a lot starfish in that island and different types as well. they appear like see stones in different color when you look at them from a far.

nikcoolazki said...

these photographs right here are a testimony of the many wonders of nature. indeed, when God created everything, He created everything uniquely.